About Laurel Connell, MFT

I can't imagine doing any other work in my life. I feel extremely honored when someone invites me in and trusts me enough to share in their most vulnerable moments.

I began my studies at Naropa University, a Tibetan Buddhist college in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. There I received an undergraduate degree in Contemplative Psychology, which incorporates Buddhist teachings, like meditation, with modern Western psychology. This enhanced my own personal meditation practice that I continue with to this day. This meditation practice only benefits and supports my work professionally as a therapist.

I went on to receive my Master’s degree from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California. There I built on my experience of working with individuals at Anger Management, Domestic Violence Solutions, and Santa Barbara’s District Attorney’s Truancy program.

When I became a mother to two children, I began working part-time as a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal counselor. I found a love for working with women during this powerful time in life, crossing the threshold into parenthood.

I started to see that as wonderful as having a new baby could be, there are also aspects to this transition that are filled with grief, mourning, sadness, and confusion. This is part of a parent’s process that is so rarely talked about. I believe in bringing the whole of the experience to light- the joys, the grief, the fear, the struggles.

I began seeing the prevalence of pregnancy loss and the lack of support available to women grieving this loss. I decided to embrace the other end of life’s spectrum, into my work and began to focus on grief. I began working with local hospice organizations where I provided bereavement counseling to individuals, groups, and school-based counseling to adolescents, as well as moving on to be the Clinical Director of Bereavement

My approach is mindful, heart-centered, and remains open to the magic that can occur in each session with a client. I draw from the Polyvagal Theory and lean towards an integrative approach of working somatically with the body and the nervous system.  

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