MotherWell: Nervous System Regulation for New Mothers

Based In Science, Created With Love

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This class was created for you as a new mother. We will explore how to be as a mother. How to be in your body. How to be with your thoughts. How to be with your feelings. You will receive helpful information for your mind and practical, grounding experiences for your body and heart.
MotherWell is self paced. You can do this any time of the day and go at your own speed. In fact, I encourage doing this course slowly to ensure integrating the material and getting the most out of it. You can listen or watch in the comfort of your home, whether it is midday or at 3:00 am when you are up feeding your baby. 
I will provide you with valuable information as well as simple, practical tools and practices to blend into your life on a daily basis. This class is based in Neuroscience and Compassion. 
In this self paced course, you will be given videos, audio recordings and handouts to engage with this material. You will be provided with practices to increase resilience and emotional regulation, helping you navigate the many changes and emotions present in new parenthood.
This class is a way to care for yourself on a deeper level. 

This Course Includes

Video & Audio Lessons

Digital Handouts For Engagement

Practices for Resilience

Exercises for Emotional Regulation

You Will Learn About:

  • The Nervous System and how it is connected is to emotional regulation
  • The importance of Oxytocin and ways to cultivate more of this powerful hormone in your body
  • Ways to increase your self awareness on a physical, emotional and cognitive level. 
  • Grounding and body awareness exercises to bring more presence into your life.
  • Deepen your connection with yourself, your partner and your baby.

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