Prenatal & Postpartum Counseling


You may be beginning to think about having a child. You may be struggling with becoming pregnant. Our work together will help you move through any anxieties, fears, ambivilance or grief you have related to pregnancy, birth or new parenthood. My philosophy is that your entire being- your body, mind and heart- are all equally involved in this process. Our work together supports your entire being and helps you move forward on your journey


Perhaps you would like to prepare for giving birth, whether it is in the hospital, at a birth center, or at home. We talk about hopes, expectations, fears and what you can do to move closer to how you want to feel within yourself when you birth.

Or, you are feeling stressed, anxious or concerned about issues related to pregnancy, birth or becoming a mother. Pregnancy is a time of great change that can bring up a multitude of emotions as your body, mind and heart undergo this tremendous transition. I guide you to open up to the moment, be with what is -the good, the bad and the beautiful – and to use it to grow.

And maybe you are really struggling with challenging emotions and hormonal shifts throughout your pregnancy and need tools and skills to assist you in responding to stress and difficult emotions.

And perhaps you just want to savor this time and connect more deeply with yourself and your baby.


This is an opportunity for you to receive support on this new life journey of parenthood. While having a new baby can be joyful, there can also be a great deal of grief over the life that has been left behind. A new baby represents such huge change- change in the couple’s relationship, loss of independence, change in careers if mom or dad are staying home with baby- just to name a few. Integrating a new baby into the home can be very stressful as it can raise many questions and concerns.

I provide postpartum counseling to help ease the transition through the tender and vulnerable weeks and months following the birth. I assist you in finding your own groove and guide you in developing your own unique skills for parenting.

Postpartum counseling can be especially beneficial if you:

  • Have a history or family history of depression or mood related disorders.
  • Have a history of severe PMS
  • Have experienced a traumatic birth
  • Lack social, family or partner support
  • Experience relationship conflict with partner
  • History of trauma
  • Have undergone a challenging pregnancy

Integrating your new role as a mother is one of the biggest thresholds a woman will cross in her lifetime. I provide a caring ear and an open heart, along with tools and coping strategies to assist you as you discover your own rhythm as a parent.

Birth Trauma

“Trauma is what happens inside you, as a result of what happened to you.”

I am here to support you in processing, moving through and finding healing from a traumatic experience. Through working with the body, along with the heart and mind, our work assists you in being more present in your life, with your baby, your partner and with yourself.

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